What To Know Before Buying A Home In Alaska

What To Know Before Buying A Home In Alaska

There are many wonderful reasons to call Alaska home, the main one of which may be that living here is a truly unique experience. Just as it is a special place to live, there are some good things to know about Alaska life and living prior to relocating or setting down more permanent roots here. City living is not usually why people choose to live in Alaska, but the state does offer cosmopolitan locales in addition to the rustic venues that many people seek. In fact, outside of the major cities, there are plenty of options and a wide range of available homes of all types.

Before you buy a home in Alaska, be sure to learn more about the lay of the land. Whether you are looking for a vacation home or are planning to make your home here, have a professional  REALTOR® guide to help guide you through the process is highly advisable. With Team Rogers, we specialize in Wasilla homes, and mat su borough properties. The home that you choose will play a huge part in your lifestyle and in order to get the Alaska experience that you seek, be sure to weigh all of your options carefully.

Adjusting to the weather may not be as difficult as you might fear, and the endless sunlight in the Summer months is a treat for sure. Winters are somewhat comparable to the American mid-west, and you may be surprised to learn that Anchorage is often warmer than Chicago or Minneapolis during the winter months. However, in cities that aren't located in the coastal areas, the temperatures can linger below zero for some time. With the dry cold, these temperatures will not feel as cold as they sound, and outdoor activities are definitely possible as long as you are bundled up.

Most suburban towns are roughly a 20 to 30-minute commute from the major cities, and these areas will offer more land and a larger home without breaking the bank or causing you to give up any conveniences. Having a local expert on your team will help immeasurably with finding the perfect place for your Alaskan adventure. School districts will vary, certain services may not be as readily available in some spots, and outdoor enthusiasts will want to know the inside information on the best places to fish. The location is always an extremely important factor when buying a home, but in Alaska, it becomes even more important. 

In this climate, housing materials matter, as does placement of your home as the directional situation will affect sunlight, warmth, and impact from the wind. The time period of the home's construction will also need to be considered, as there are substantial variances between newly built homes and existing inventory. Housing styles and amenities may not be available in all areas and your real estate professional will help to guide you the areas that best suit your needs. Alaska is a special place to call home, and every day can be an adventure!